25 Games In: Simon Moore

It has been one of the calmest goalkeeping seasons in a long while at Coventry City, thanks to the addition of Simon Moore. The former Sheffield United keeper may not be the most spectacular presence between the sticks, but his competence and quiet authority have meant that there hasn’t been cause to worry about anything wild or unexpected happening in his area of the pitch throughout this campaign. For someone who had played precious little football in the few years prior to his arrival at the club, it is especially remarkable how seamlessly Simon Moore has slotted in at Coventry City.

A good all-rounder who goes about his business with a minimum of fuss, Simon Moore isn’t a goalkeeper with a necessarily obvious set of strengths and weaknesses. His kicking had looked a minor issue in his first few games for the club, but he now looks comfortable receiving the ball under pressure and picking the passes that can keep the play moving at the back. One of the most notable areas of Simon Moore’s game is his command of the penalty area, but that may well be because his predecessors in the Coventry City goal struggled to claim crosses either consistently or confidently. Along with being a solid shot-stopper (although, some way off Keiren Westwood levels of cat-like reflexes) and having made few errors of note, Simon Moore has provided the stability between the sticks that the team had been missing prior to his arrival.

At a good age and with just over two years left on his contract, Simon Moore looks set to continue to be Coventry City’s number one goalkeeper for quite a while yet. While the club has had established first-choice goalkeepers for long periods over the past decade or so, it is rare that someone as consistent and competent as Simon Moore has been in that role. There may be better goalkeepers out there but Simon Moore has been exactly what this club has needed for a long time, a first-choice goalkeeper that can be trusted. For now, and for a few years to come, there isn’t a need to worry about Coventry City’s goalkeeping situation.

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