150 Games In: Dominic Hyam

What more is there to write about Dominic Hyam that hasn’t already been written? It is a testament to Hyam’s solidity and consistency in central defence that similar things could be written about him when he was playing in League Two as could be written when he was playing in League One and now in the Championship. The type of player who rarely does anything particularly notable in games but becomes more and more appreciated over a longer period, it is the reliability of his performance levels and the less notable things he does that make him such an important presence in defence for Coventry City.

After going through a rocky period midway through last season, Dominic Hyam has demonstrated this season that he belongs in the Championship and is making quiet progress beyond simply being capable at this level. Switching from the left of the back three to the right this season, the benefit for has been that it has allowed Hyam to develop his ability on the ball. While he was adept at sorting his feet out while playing on his weaker side, playing on his natural side has allowed Hyam to develop confidence and quality in possession. Although he doesn’t pick out eye-catching switches of the play, Hyam is increasingly stepping into midfield from defence to help stretch opponents, while picking accurate passes to keep moves going.

As a pure defender, Dominic Hyam’s positioning and timing in the challenge remains as solid as ever. While he can occasionally look exposed when left one-on-one with exceptionally quick and skilful opponents, most defenders would struggle in that situation and it is rare that Hyam gets repeatedly caught out, often adapting his defensive strategies to figure opponents out. That trait makes him especially useful as a point of reference in the Coventry City defence, while others can produce more eye-catching moments, Hyam provides the stability in order for others to excel. 150 league games in at Coventry City and there looks to be more to come from Dominic Hyam.

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