50 Games In: Viktor Gyökeres

There was a period earlier in the campaign when there was an argument for Viktor Gyokeres being the best (non-Aleksandar Mitrovic) striker in the Championship, even though the Swede hasn’t quite recaptured his incredible early season goalscoring form, there is still a case to be put forward that Gyokeres is one of the best in his position at this level. It is not just about the goals with Viktor Gyokeres, but the all-round threat that he provides. A one-man front-line, who can battle with centre-backs, link the play, run in behind, and (confidence permitting) score goals, it is hard to think of another striker at this level that Mark Robins would trade for Viktor Gyokeres.

Despite a fallow spell during the middle of the campaign, it is little surprise that Viktor Gyokeres has returned to something approaching his best form over the past month. It is perhaps no coincidence that it has coincided with Matt Godden being absent in the attack, easing Gyokeres’ work-load away from goal. However, the constant threat that Gyokeres has provided this season from being able to both physically compete and run at defenders, as well as to carry the ball up the pitch into dangerous areas meant that he was always likely to play himself back into form. That he has been doing so recently while clearly suffering from fatigue over the past month makes his efforts for this Coventry City team all the more impressive.

On track for approximately 17 league goals this season, the remarkable thing is that it there is still improvement to come in Viktor Gyokeres’ finishing ability. As someone who offers so much more than goals, Gyokeres really is a one of a kind striker that doesn’t come around too often. The talk of him potentially moving away over the summer is inevitable, you can’t play at the standard Gyokeres has for much of this season without attracting interest. In the here and now, Gyokeres is someone who could drag Coventry City into the Championship play-offs and the task for Mark Robins is getting the very best out of the big Swede.

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