75 Games In: Fankaty Dabo

After an injury-hit first season at Championship-level, Fankaty Dabo has proved this campaign that, at the very least, he is a capable footballer in the second-tier. At his best, Dabo may well be one of the best in his position in the division, however, he has recently run into issues with fatigue and consistency that has seen his performance levels dip from a very high standard he set for himself earlier in the campaign. An energetic, skilful and intelligent footballer, Dabo remains a he key part of the team’s build-up play from wing-back, even when not at his best, with his commitment to the cause why he has made himself such a fans’ favourite in his three years at the club.

It is that combination of energy and skill that makes Fankaty Dabo so effective down the right side of the pitch, when on top form. He can really torture his opponents down that side of the pitch with his repeated ability and desire to beat his defender and stretch the play for the team. Dabo’s use of the ball makes him an effective outlet for the team when they are looking to control games with possession and pen opponents into their own half. The biggest area of Dabo’s game that is need of improvement is his crossing, where he seems to lack the confidence in his ability to get balls in, which can see promising situations down his side pass him by as he seeks the perfect moment to get the ball into the box.

With his closest rival for a starting place, Todd Kane, strongest at what Dabo is weakest at, there is a danger that he could soon lose his place in the side. However, Dabo’s dynamism and ability to be involved in the build-up play from a nominally defensive position is such an asset that it is hard to envisage him being out of the team for an extended period. Fankaty Dabo isn’t far from being recognised as one of the best in his position in the Championship, if he can quickly make the few small improvements in his game that he needs to, Dabo’s importance to the team will only increase.

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