The Sideways Sammy Season Review – 2020/21

Another Coventry City season has come to a close. All that is left is to review in excruciating detail before it can be consigned to the memory books. Right here is your guide to everything Coventry City and Championship in a neat little, 125-page package.

Click here to read or the image below.


Club-By-Club Reviews, My Championship Team of the Season, Coventry City Player Reviews, The Story of the Season, A Manager Performance Review, The Prestigious ‘Sammy’ End of Season Awards, A Look Ahead To Next Season

2 thoughts on “The Sideways Sammy Season Review – 2020/21

  1. You need to publish these – so far I have finished the teams and players reviews and noting on to the story of the season now.

    I would absolutely buy a hard copy of these to sit down with.

    Love your work


    1. sidewayssammy May 14, 2021 — 8:14 am

      I have been thinking about doing this. Possibly something that will happen somewhere down the line.


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