New Signing: Lee Camp

Signed following an injury to Marko Marosi, Lee Camp will bring a wealth of experience at Championship level to the team for the two months he is initially set to be at the club for. Camp has had a career of highs and lows in this division, having been one of the best in his position on his day but also capable of glaring errors and spells of poor form. At the age of 36, Camp has lost some of the agility that made him an excellent shot-stopper at the peak of his powers but he showed during his most recent spell at Birmingham City that he can still shut up shop in goal for the odd game.

Camp’s arrival at Coventry City as an emergency signing is down to the lack of trust in number two goalkeeper, Ben Wilson. It is farcical to have a second-choice player at the club – and on a three-year contract – who you have no intention of playing when it really matters. While budget constraints are likely to have influenced the decision to sign Ben Wilson, in an ideal world, the back-up goalkeeper should either be someone young and improving who can eventually take the mantle or a veteran who can pass on their experience to the first-choice – of which, Wilson is neither.

While Lee Camp fits the latter profile of back-up goalkeeper, the circumstances in which he has been brought in are hugely suboptimal. With the team having looked to have turned a corner defensively, a new goalkeeper arriving with no period of integration has the potential to hugely disruptive. Not only will Lee Camp have to quickly develop an understanding with the back-line in defensive situations, but this is a team that likes to play out from the back, either Lee Camp will have to get used to receiving the ball under pressure or we’re going to have to change the way we play slightly to suit Camp’s game. As useful as Camp’s experience could be, it would be some achievement for him to slot seamlessly into the team.

1 thought on “New Signing: Lee Camp

  1. Must be a bit of a confidence knock to Ben Wilson.


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