New Signing: Callum O’Hare

When Callum O’Hare arrived at Coventry City last summer, he was a highly-rated youngster tipped for a big future in the game, a year later, he’s ours to keep. The permanent signing of Callum O’Hare is a demonstration we have moved up one wrung of the footballing ladder. We may still be a stepping stone, but we can keep for more than one season. For Callum O’Hare, now is the time to start delivering on his promise as a ‘highly-rated youngster’.

O’Hare certainly put in a number of very promising performances last season, but didn’t quite make that leap to being the key difference maker that he looked like being when he first arrived. Those opening few performances were O’Hare’s best in a Coventry City shirt, where his combination of energy, determination and technical ability marked him out as someone who could take League One by storm. However, O’Hare struggled to nail down a place in the starting line-up for a long portion of the campaign as he looked to still be figuring out how to best direct his energy and talent on a football pitch.

At the age of 22 and having left his first club, Callum O’Hare will now be judged as a senior player rather than as an inexperienced youngster. Most importantly, O’Hare needs to add more goals and assists to his game in order to assert his place in the starting line-up.

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