Ben Wilson

Position: Goalkeeper

Age: 30 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 48(0) *

This season has seen Ben Wilson make more appearances than he has in any other season in his career, at the highest level he’s ever played. It is a remarkable achievement from someone who looked to have been signed as cheap cover in League One two years ago. While Wilson was fortunate to come into the team due to an injury to Marko Marosi, over the course of the season, he has earned the number one spot in goal on merit.

Aided by the team making a more concerted defensive effort since his inclusion in the side, Wilson’s greater confidence in claiming crosses has seen him gain the edge over Marko Marosi this season. In most other areas of the game, except perhaps distributing the ball with their feet, there is little to choose between Wilson and Marosi, however, that extra area of strength for Wilson saw him preferred at a crucial juncture of the campaign.

Going forward, it is unlikely that Ben Wilson will be the number one goalkeeper for the team next season in the Championship. As well as he has played, there have been more than a few errors in his performances – most notably, a costly display against Luton Town – that have suggested an improvement in his position should be sought. That shouldn’t take away from a season in which Ben Wilson has transformed from an eternal back-up player to first-choice in his position.

*As of 12/11/2022

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