10 Games In: Ben Wilson

A back-up goalkeeper for much of his career, Ben Wilson was presented with a big opportunity following the injury to Marko Marosi to show what he is capable of as a regular starter. The addition of the experienced Lee Camp soon after Marosi’s injury meant that Wilson had to play well enough to justify his inclusion for the next game. In playing ten games in a row at Championship level, Wilson has registered what is probably his most significant in his career to date.

While Wilson has been fortunate that his run in the side has coincided with a conscious attempt by the rest of the team to take fewer risks and keep things tighter at the back, there hasn’t been a noticeable drop-off, if any, between him and Marko Marosi. There have perhaps been a few signs of erraticism here and there – particularly in how quickly Wilson tends to come off his line, which has seen him give away two penalties – but he has made some good saves when needed to, claimed crosses and has helped keep things ticking over in possession.

At the moment, Ben Wilson has played at a level where it would be hard to justify parachuting Marko Marosi back into the side as soon as he returns to fitness. Were he five or six years younger, there would probably be more encouragement with how he has managed to hold his place down in the side. It is mainly Wilson’s lack of experience for his age that makes you question when the mistakes are going to come and doubt whether he is a viable option over a longer period. Thus far, Wilson has done the job expected of him and it’s his place in the team to lose.

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