25 Games In: Jake Bidwell

It’s taken a little longer than expected to get to this point, but Jake Bidwell is very much looking like the experienced Championship defender that Coventry City thought they had signed back in January. Just why it took so long for Bidwell to settle down in a Sky Blue shirt, only Mark Robins and the player will know, however, he has gone from a nervous and unconvincing performer last season to a solid one this time out.

As a wing-back, Jake Bidwell’s strengths lie in the defensive side of his game. Having struggled to get his positioning right in his first few months at the club, that has improved – presumably, as a result of having time on the training ground to get used to what is expected of him in Coventry City’s system. Strong in the challenge, Bidwell has become increasingly relied upon to keep his side of the pitch locked down. Going forward, Bidwell covers a decent amount of ground but lacks the skill or pace to burst past defenders, meaning that he requires the team to get up the pitch in order to get into attacking areas, rather than being able to do so on his own. Additionally, he can put decent crosses into the box, but all too often puts the ball into areas without checking whether there is a team-mate there.

Jake Bidwell has become a much more reliable performer for Coventry City this season than he was after he initially arrived at the club. That he has become one of the team’s better players this season may ultimately reflect a lowering of standards as a team rather than huge improvement in Bidwell as an individual. In the situation that the Sky Blues find themselves in, having solid, reliable performers should not be sniffed at. If the team ends up higher up the table than they currently are, Bidwell may need to add a little more to his game, especially as an attacking threat.

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