25 Games In: Todd Kane

Providing genuine competition for Fankaty Dabo at right wing-back, it’s hard to argue that Todd Kane hasn’t been a useful signing for Coventry City this season. Last year, when Dabo was injured, the team looked much weaker. This year, Kane has not only deputised for Dabo effectively, but offered something genuinely different at right wing-back. While Todd Kane is a player who is not without his drawbacks, he has provided Mark Robins with one of the few selection conundrums that he has had with this squad this season.

Todd Kane’s biggest strength is his willingness to put crosses into the box. While the quality of his final ball varies, Kane will generally put enough crosses in that at least a few will genuinely test the opposing defence over the course of a game. This is reflected in Kane’s greater output of goals and assists when compared to Fankaty Dabo. However, Kane is less dynamic when it comes to carrying the ball, which can affect the team’s ability to stretch opponents with width. Additionally, Kane isn’t a particularly strong defender, with an annoying tendency to tuck inside when attacks come down his side, often leaving his team-mates to do his defending for him. Those two drawbacks are why Kane hasn’t established himself as first-choice at right wing-back, despite being more effective than Fankaty Dabo at creating chances.

If Todd Kane can go some way to addressing those weaknesses, there is every chance that he could claim first-choice status at right wing-back next season. At 28 years old, it seems unlikely that he will, which will leave him as simply a useful option for Mark Robins to call upon throughout the campaign. There will be games next year where Kane will be the better option than Fankaty Dabo at right wing-back, there will be games where the obverse is true. At the very least, Todd Kane offers something different in his position.

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