125 Games In: Liam Kelly

One of the few remaining players from the club from the League Two era, Liam Kelly has been the most important of the lot. An experienced and reliable performer in just about every one of the 125 league games he has played for the club thus far, while the team has started to look like it may have evolved past needing him, Liam Kelly remains a useful option for Mark Robins to call when needed. Not many players are capable of doing that across three divisions for one club.

While there is a feeling that Liam Kelly may soon be out of vogue at Coventry City, he has continued to play his part this season. His primary use for this side is his physical presence and experience in front of the defence, providing the platform for more skilful players to do their jobs further forward. However, as evidenced by key contributions in the recent Bristol City and Bournemouth games, Liam Kelly’s presence can be useful further up the pitch. Although there has been an issue when he plays of slowing the tempo down in midfield, Liam Kelly is, by no means, completely irrelevant at Coventry City.

In a relatively young squad, Liam Kelly’s calming presence will continue to be useful throughout the rest of the campaign – and perhaps beyond too. For a player brought in to help the club out of League Two that it is only now, when the club is pushing towards the upper end of the Championship, that Liam Kelly isn’t a guaranteed starter is quite remarkable.

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