10 Games In: Jake Clarke-Salter

It has been a long time since Coventry City have last had a left-footed centre-back, Jake Clarke-Salter has demonstrated since his arrival over the summer the benefits that it provides. Opening up the left side of the pitch, Clarke-Salter has helped improve the team’s control and fluency in possession by being able to receive and distribute the ball with his natural foot and opening up the pitch as a result. Moreover, with Clarke-Salter being adept with the ball at his feet and providing an extra level of pace at centre-back, he has provided a useful element of balance to the Sky Blues’ back three this season.

At his best, Jake Clarke-Salter is a very composed presence at centre-back who reads the game well, snuffs out opposing attacks before they form and can then get involved in the team’s build-up play. However, there have been a couple of very poor showings from Clarke-Salter, where he has not only failed to win his challenges but has clearly been rattled and end up making further mistakes attempts to atone for earlier ones. While Clarke-Salter is, on his day, a high-class performer at Championship level, it is that inconsistency in his performances that is why he is currently at a club such as Coventry City, who were expected to be in the bottom-half of the division.

At 24 years old, there is still plenty of time for Jake Clarke-Salter to work out the rough edges of his game and he is at a club where is going to get the regular football to allow him to improve. Jake Clarke-Salter needs Coventry City as much as the other way around, which is why it looks like there is a good chance of this becoming a permanent deal next summer when the player’s contract expires. It has been a promising start to life at Coventry City for Jake Clarke-Salter but there is scope for improvement.

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