10 Games In: Simon Moore

Having played just two games in the last three seasons and rarely a first-choice goalkeeper prior to that, the club have either been incredibly lucky or intelligent in their recruitment of Simon Moore. A lack of confidence in goal had dogged the previous season, Moore seemed an unconvincing solution to that problem. However, the former Sheffield United keeper has proven an excellent choice between the sticks, not only looking a solid shot-stopper but projecting that vital element of confidence to his defence.

It is hard to see many weaknesses in Simon Moore’s game at this stage in his Coventry City career. Yet to make any notable mistakes with either his shot-stopping or his command of the area, Moore looks like a goalkeeper in whom his defence trusts. Perhaps aided by the team’s strong start to the campaign, which has rarely seen him under pressure, Moore has made some excellent saves when he’s had to and looks to be a really positive in coming to claim dangerous crosses. If there is one gripe with his performances thus far it has been that his distribution with his feet could be better, but it hasn’t been a cause for alarm.

While ten games is probably far too few to properly assess a goalkeeper – particularly, for a team in good form – it has been a very encouraging start for Simon Moore. With the relatively little he’s had to, Moore has not only dealt with it well, but with a calmness and composure that has radiated to his back-line. Having looked like a stop-gap solution in goal, it is hard to see Simon Moore being dislodged between the sticks over the short to medium term.

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