Transfer Rumour Tracker: Summer 2021

This post is intended as a guide through the dark and murky waters of transfer rumours. It will be updated throughout the summer to analyse just how legitimate any Coventry City-related transfer rumour appears to be. In addition, at the end of the summer, this post will be used to show just how accurate the various sources of transfer rumours are as, hopefully, a guide for future transfer windows.

I will try and be as thorough as possible in trying to find the original source for each rumour. Feel free to send me links either here or on social media to any Coventry City-related transfer rumours. The only rule is that the source has to be either a verified journalist or a page purporting themselves to be a source of transfer rumours, just so I don’t have to run the rule over pure speculation or fantasy.

I have come up with a ratings scale of 0-5 for rumours which goes as follows;

0 – Pure Fantasy

1 – Extremely Unlikely

2 – Believable

3 – Possible

4 – Likely

5 – Almost Certain

Charlie Colkett | From Östersunds | Position: CM | Transfer Type: Permanent | Source: Östersunds FK | 22nd April

The Adi Viveash-Coventry City-Chelsea connection continues with it confirmed by Östersunds themselves that former Chelsea youth player, Charlie Colkett, is training with Coventry City. As such, it cannot be doubted that Colkett is at the club, however, the more pertinent question is whether we are genuinely interested in signing him or if this is just a favour that Viveash is handing to someone he has worked with in the past.

The honest answer is that it’s impossible to tell without inside knowledge of the club. At 24 years old, Colkett would be coming in as a first-team player in an area of the pitch where we already have a lot of competition. His career thus far has seen him take in a few mixed loan spells in League One before a spell in Sweden which has reportedly gone pretty well. Nonetheless, Colkett would probably have to prove in training that he adds something to our current midfield options. It seems more likely than not that this trial is launchpad for Colkett to find a move elsewhere in England where he has a better chance of regular football, but it wouldn’t be outside the realms of possibility if we did sign him.

Update 5th May: The Mirror are now reporting that the club are “keen to hand [Colkett] a permanent deal this summer”. Despite my reservations about over whether he would improve our midfield, it looks like Charlie Colkett has done enough to earn a permanent deal.

Rumour Rating: 3 – Possible

Kyle McFadzean | To Barnsley | Position: CB | Transfer Type: Permanent | Source: EFL Hub | 5th May

EFL Hub has 13,500 followers. It has just come out with a rumour linking Barnsley with Kyle McFadzean. That’s right, Barnsley, the club that rarely ever signs players over the age of 30 and could be in the Premier League next season are going to sign Kyle McFadzean. 13,500 followers EFL Hub has. Just random clubs being linked with random players.

It’s clear rubbish. If you are part of the 13,500, maybe give EFL Hub an unfollow.

Rumour Rating: 0 – Pure Fantasy

Matty James | From Leicester City | Position: CM | Transfer Type: Permanent | Source: Coventry Telegraph | 4th May

A rumour so obvious that it almost isn’t worth including in this post, but it’s been apparent ever since Matty James signed on loan that a permanent deal was likely to happen. As early as January, Mark Robins stated “Yes, absolutely, why not? If he does well…” when asked if he would like to sign James on a permanent deal. Since then, he has done well and it looks set to be one of the first pieces of business the club does this summer.

The only potential stumbling block would be Matty James’ wages, which are currently, reportedly, well beyond what the club could afford. However, having been paid well for a number of years at Leicester while sustaining injury issues, James is likely to have the financial freedom to value regular football over the biggest potential contract offer. Just how much competition there may be for James is unclear, but there has yet to be any reported rivals. It would be incredibly surprising at this stage if Matty James was not a Coventry City player next season.

Rumour Rating: 5 – Almost Certain

Jack Powell | From Crawley Town | Position: CM | Transfer Type: Permanent | Source: EFL Hub | 4th May

EFL Hub has 13,500 followers. It has just come out with a rumour linking the Sky Blues with a 27 year-old League Two midfielder who has had an okay season. 13,500 followers and they don’t even seem to put in the effort to create believable, or fun, rumours. Just random clubs being linked with random players.

It’s clear rubbish. If you are part of the 13,500, maybe give EFL Hub an unfollow.

Rumour Rating: 0 – Pure Fantasy

Leo Østigård | From Brighton & Hove Albion | Position: CB | Transfer Type: Loan/Permanent | Source: Coventry Telegraph | 30th April

As ever with star loan players, the end of their time at the club triggers the beginning of an anxious pursuit of their return. Out of contract this summer, Brighton & Hove Albion hold the option of extending Leo Ostigard’s contract by another year, which they’ll surely take even if they don’t plan on keeping him. Mark Robins has stated to the local press that he’s “had a conversation” with Brighton’s Pathway Development Manager, David Weir, about a return to the club.

There are a lot of factors at play as to whether Leo Ostigard will return to the club. Do Brighton see him as someone who could be part of their first-team squad next season? Would Ostigard attempt to force a move away if he doesn’t get guarantees of first-team football? Would Brighton want to sell Ostigard? Can we afford it? Would other clubs be willing to pay more for Ostigard? Is Ostigard dead-set on a move back to Coventry City? Even with all that up in the air, I think it’s more likely than not that we have seen the last of Ostigard in a Coventry City shirt purely because, even if he doesn’t stay at Brighton, bigger clubs are going to be interested in him and will be better able to afford him.

Rumour Rating: 2 – Believable

Lee Tomlin | From Cardiff City | Position: AM | Transfer Type: Permanent | Source: Prem + EFL Transfer Rumours | 27th April

Alongside Birmingham City and Fleetwood Town, the Sky Blues are apparently after Cardiff City attacking midfielder, Lee Tomlin. This already seems a rumour that is hard to believe given the club has tended to sign young or overseas players since Chris Badlan was appointed as Head of Recruitment in 2018, while Tomlin has struggled for fitness and has a reputation for being difficult to manage.

At his best, Tomlin has shown himself to be the kind of creative, unpredictable player who is worth trying to find a way to fit in. However, at 32 years old and having made five appearances over the past season, I doubt that Mark Robins would feel that Tomlin is worth the associated baggage he comes with. Coming from an account with just 27 followers, this rumour can confidently be put down as pure fantasy.

Rumour Rating: 0 – Pure Fantasy

Viktor Gyökeres | From Brighton & Hove Albion | Position: ST/W | Transfer Type: Loan/Permanent | Source: Coventry Telegraph| 27th April

A bit of an off-the-cuff remark from Mark Robins has lead to the suggestion that the club are looking to retain Viktor Gyokeres for next season after some decent performances on loan over the second half of the campaign. This is what was said “I would consider him all day because as a young striker he’s got that desire and mentality, so yeah, I’d definitely consider him for moving forward. One hundred per cent.” From that, it sounds like there is pretty strong interest, but I wonder whether it was a case of Mark Robins coming out with something on the spot rather than revealing more detailed plans.

Gyokeres has been a decent loan signing who has occasionally shown signs of being really good but has also shown signs of being quite bad. There is a chance that, with a full pre-season and a consistent run in the side, he could prove to be a really good Championship striker. There’s also a chance that he could remain a fringe player and never really get going. The club could do a lot worse than bring Gyokeres back, but it’s possible that we may want to see if we can get anyone better in first before settling on him.

Rumour Rating: 3 – Possible

Callum Lang | From Wigan Athletic | Position: ST | Transfer Type: Permanent | Source: Football Insider | 16th April

Alongside Birmingham City and a ‘host of clubs’, the Sky Blues are purportedly chasing Wigan Athletic striker, Callum Lang. From past experience, always be wary of the term ‘a host of clubs’ as it tends to be something vague used by agents in order to put their client’s name out there, often to put pressure on their current club in contract negotiations. That said, Football Insider tends to be a pretty solid source but the legitimacy of this report is hampered by referring to Wigan as ‘cash-strapped’ despite their recent takeover.

If he were to sign, Lang would add a decent level of competition in attack. He would put pressure on Tyler Walker and Matt Godden, but wouldn’t immediately command a starting place. A nippy young forward with good technical ability, Lang looks to be a good prospect who could develop over the next couple of years into a solid Championship striker. He would be the kind of young, improving player the club has attempted to build around in recent years.

Rumour Rating: 2 – Believable

Ricardo Dinanga | From Cork City | Position: W | Transfer Type: Permanent | Source: EFL Zone 2 | 28th March

The first transfer rumour of the summer came towards the end of March, when, as far as I can tell, EFL Zone 2 were the first to report that Irish youngster, Ricardo Dinanga was on trial at the club. This has since been picked up by more reliable sources, such as the Irish Echo and the Coventry Telegraph. It has been given further credence by Cork City manager, Colin Healy, who commented that Dinanga “decided to go down a different pathway” in moving to England. This looks as good as done.

A young, pacey winger with seven first-team appearances to his name in the Irish Premier Division, Dinanga is clearly one for the future. Following the signing of Fabio Tavares back in January, it appears as if the club is looking to strengthen the under-23 side with the hope that the extra competition for places may improve the chances of players eventually making the breakthrough to the first-team.

Rumour Rating: 5 – Almost Certain

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