10 Games In: Josh Pask

It hasn’t been easy for Josh Pask at Coventry City. Injured for most of his first season at the club and subsequently played out of position at probably a level or two too high to where he should be, Josh Pask has played with endeavour when called upon but has never really threatened to break into the starting line-up. Initially brought in as cover at both right-back and centre-back in League One, Pask hasn’t had the opportunity to demonstrate what he’s capable of in his best position of centre-back. While he has been unlucky in his time at the club thus far, it is looking increasingly like it’s just not going to happen for him at Coventry City.

Based on the relatively little we’ve seen of him thus far, Pask’s primary strengths are his turn of pace, work-rate and tall frame. While those are attributes that could be useful in the right-back he has mainly played in, it has looked as if Pask is missing a level of technical ability to make him an effective outlet for the team in possession. Furthermore, his positional play in that position has often been found wanting, meaning that there is little defensive benefit to playing him there. While it’s clear his best position is at centre-back, there hasn’t been a requirement for him to play there due to the performances of the players ahead of him in that area of the team.

Josh Pask is clearly a player who needs a run of starts to build some momentum in his career and it looks like he’s not going to get the opportunity to do so at Coventry City. Third-choice at right-back, fifth-choice at centre-back, Pask is likely to be surplus to requirements next season – especially if we stay up in the Championship. Pask’s pace, physical frame and attitude are likely to serve him well at another club, if he can avoid the injuries that have stalled his career thus far. It’s not his fault that he’s been asked to play out of position at a level that is currently too high for him.

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