100 Games In: Dominic Hyam

Dominic Hyam’s quiet, understated rise up the divisions has shown no sign of abating this season in the Championship. Having battled his way into the side towards the end of our time in League Two, Hyam blossomed in League One, was a key part of our title-winning side and has been possibly our most reliable performer in the Championship. It is remarkable rise for a player who was signed to bulk out the squad three-and-a-half years ago in League Two, but what is most remarkable about Dominic Hyam’s performances this season is that he hasn’t looked like he has to adapt his game to account for the higher quality of opposition.

Hyam is the kind of player who doesn’t attract a lot of attention from outside Coventry City. He doesn’t dominate opponents physically, he doesn’t play raking long-range passes, he rarely makes lunging last ditch challenges. However, it is Hyam’s positional sense, tidiness in possession and all-round aura of calmness that has made him an essential part of the team since he established himself as a regular starter during the run-in of our League Two promotion-winning campaign. When the team is playing well, Hyam tends to go under the radar but is doing an important job in providing stability at the back. When the team isn’t playing well, Hyam is more noticeable, helping bail-out the mistakes of his team-mates.

There have only been a few occasions this season where an opponent has gotten the better of Hyam, but he has tended to recover well in those situations. The main area of his game that he could improve upon is developing a wider range of passing – and using his left foot more – which would make him a more impactful player in possession. As it stands, Hyam is doing a more than good enough job for the team already. Having quickly found his feet at Championship level, Hyam’s rise at Coventry City shows no signs of abating.

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