10 Games In: Ryan Giles

Ryan Giles returned to the club over the summer to little fanfare. Having been second-choice at League One level after signing last January, it wasn’t a signing that screamed Championship quality. However, it’s fair to say that Giles has very much looked the part from day one this season. Offering pace and drive from left wing-back, Giles has made himself a key part of our attacking threat and looks like he still has further levels to add to his game.

The main doubt against Ryan Giles heading into this season was his defensive ability. Having been dropped from Shrewsbury Town’s starting XI last season due to being a liability defensively, there were concerns that he would be significantly exposed at a higher level of football. While he doesn’t look completely confident in one against one situations and is maybe lacking a little bit of aggression in closing down crossing situations, Ryan Giles has been more than competent defensively. That has meant that his attacking and ball-carrying ability has been especially in the spotlight. Beyond Gustavo Hamer, Ryan Giles is the key creative outlet in this team.

At the moment, the only real criticism of Ryan Giles is that his end product is somewhat lacking. As he is so quick, he constantly gets into good positions and creates chances, however, it seems at times that he is a little too eager to get crosses away before considering where his team-mates are or whether the better decision may be to shoot. It is an element of his game that will only get better from greater experience, despite that, his ability to carry the ball from defensive to attacking positions is an asset to the team. He is fast carving himself out a reputation as a good player at Championship level.

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