New Signing: Tyler Walker

A year later, we’ve got our man. Tyler Walker is the kind of young, up-and-coming, goalscoring striker  that every fan is desperate to see their club sign heading into every summer. Having shown he can score freely at League Two level and then in League One over the past two seasons, Tyler Walker is a player who deserves the opportunity to replicante that kind of form in the Championship. The reason why he’s been allowed to leave Nottingham Forest permanently is less a reflection on the player’s ability and more to do with the ambition of his previous club and its aversion to risk.

Quick and tall, Tyler Walker has the physical gifts to complement his talents as a goalscorer. He has tended to thrive at his previous clubs when played in a strike partnership, as his best work tends to come in the penalty area. However, Walker’s pace could be really useful running in behind teams as a lone striker, and if he gets the right service, there’s no reason why his finishing ability would be any less diminished while playing on his own. Tyler Walker is the kind of striker who adds a different dimension to our attack and, at the very least, lessens the burden on Matt Godden to be the main goalscorer for this team.

While Tyler Walker is billed as the recognisable goalscorer that our fans have been desperate to bring in, it’s worth bearing in mind that he has yet to prove himself at Championship level. Every indication is that Tyler Walker is player who could soon become a good striker at this level, however, he is facing that challenge of stepping up to being a more senior player in the Championship than he’s ever been while under the pressure of being a relatively big signing for this club. That said, it’s hard not to feel that this is a signing that enhances our prospects of survival this season.

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