Sideways Sammy 2018/19 Season Review

A season that has been okay, then good, then bad, good for a little bit, bad for a little bit longer, looked like getting good again, then petered out has come to a close. What better way to commemorate a glorious 8th-placed finish than with a whopping 90-page season review?

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Club-By-Club Reviews of League One, Individual Player Profiles, The Story of the Season, My Prestigious Most Important and Most Improved Player of the Season Awards, The Verdict on Mark Robins, and A Look Ahead To Next Season

2 thoughts on “Sideways Sammy 2018/19 Season Review

  1. Another season of great work from you Sammy. Your reporting in particular helps me to keep in touch with the way the City are playing. It’s good that you can be constructive when things look poor, and calm when others might start to over-expect. As an expat that only manages to get to a handful of games a season I really appreciate your efforts.

    Keep up the great work


    Ian W


  2. Outstanding work. Sometimes I sit down and think I’ll compose my thoughts on our season, then remember that’s it’s probably already been done in fine detail by your good self! Rochdale away was the biggest result of the season for me, though the Boxing Day win over Charlton had similar significance. Anyway, please stay level-headed and thorough; that, ifollow and the Lampteys just about keep me going during these long seasons.


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