Sideways Sammy 2017/18 Season Preview

Pre-season has been long and dark, but football is nearly back. My incredibly-detailed verdict on how it will all definitely unfold is now available for your reading pleasure.

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Featuring 79 Pages Of:

Club-by-Club League Two Previews, Player-By-Player Reviews, Tactical Discussion, Key Player Profiles, Manager Profile and Predictions.

2 thoughts on “Sideways Sammy 2017/18 Season Preview

  1. Gab over at the football lab suggested I read your website preview for league 2. Like Gab’s website, this was superb read,in depth, what you wrote was amazing.

    I play this game where a friend in Spain splits each of the 4 leagues into sections, and I have to pick one from each section to do the best points wise, combined with goals scored.

    Gab and yourself have been really helpful.

    Thanks and please carry this on every season


  2. Brilliant work as ever Sammy! Two thoughts – i) in regard to Ryan Haynes and the Kelly-Evans brothers; look how Robins managed to get George Thomas to finally fulfill his potential at the tail-end of last season (every previous manager had given up on GT) and ii) on Stuart Beavon – you are right, given the opportunity he can put the ball in the net, but, despite his energy and commitment, he’s a wee bit slow…his skill level might just see him prosper at League 2 level.
    Keep up the good work Sammy. You do it for the love of the game and CCFC but your efforts are appreciated across the Sky Blues community.
    Best regards and PUSB,


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