5 Things We Learned In August

A new feature that hopefully will help some up where we are in the season and where we hope to be heading. Yes I know it’s basically a rip-off of the Guardian’s feature on the Premier League, but given that they don’t cover Coventry City in the same detail as I do then I’m sure they won’t mind (or know).

Billy Daniels Is An Adequate If Not Better Replacement For Carl Baker

Let’s lay out the stats shall we. Carl Baker, 3 games, 1 goal, 1 assist. Billy Daniels, 3 games, 3 goals, 0 assists. If you factor in Carl Baker’s pivotal role in an attempted comeback against Crawley then there is little difference in the impact that either of the two have made this season. At the moment with Carl Baker as captain it’s probably more prudent to keep him in the starting line-up but he now has genunine competition. At the start of the month very few expected Daniels to feature so heavily in first-team affairs this early in the season but now the same people are pleasantly surprised, borderline shocked, that Daniels has made such an impact upon our season so far. Time will tell whether this is a false dawn or the genuine start of a promising career, we look forward to seeing more minutes for Billy Daniels.

Callum Wilson Can Be Lethal

At the start of the season there was a hint of concern that Callum Wilson was going to be one of our main strikers. Already in his early 20s, Wilson’s only impact on the first-team had been a wonderful goal against Colchester at the Ricoh Arena. Aside from that he’d either been a substitute or first-team also-ran. Wilson though has had a fantastic month of August, ending it top of the League 1 scoring charts and highly unlucky to have missed out on the player of the month award. Playing right on the shoulders of the opposition’s back line, Wilson has sprung up time and again and should proabably have score more than his 6 goals so far, not that we’re complaining. After Sheffield United’s failed attempt to secure his services it seems like the club are preparing to extend his deal which expires this coming summer, Wilson now is under pressure to maintain his form and fire the club towards a more meaningful season than mere survival.

Leon Clarke Is Captain Material

Maybe it was a ploy to maintain Leon Clarke’s loyalty to the club or decision geuninuely based on leadership qualities. Nevertheless Leon Clarke was unbeaten during his 3 game stint as captain where the team played positive attacking football despite several knockbacks. The Leon Clarke stereotype is of a lazy, arrogant mercenary who plays only for his pay cheque and will leave at the merest whiff of a new club. Both sides of that stereotype have been proven wrong with Leon appearing both energetic and highly motivated towards the cause for the most of the early stages of the season. Carl Baker’s return as captain against Shrewsbury perhaps unsettled the first-team and it might not be long before Leon Clarke receives the captain’s armband more permanantly.

Pressley’s Positivity Is Worth More Than 10 Points

At the beginning of August not only were we facing up to a stint over 30 miles away from our rightful home, not made any signings and in a delicate financial position but we were soon to be deducted 10 points from our starting position of 0. I can think of many previous Coventry managers, as well of many from other clubs, who would have complained loudly about the situation and may have even jumped ship. Not Pressley though, he stayed positive both in his manner off the pitch with the press but also with the style of football that he implemented. The deduction may not have fully been wiped away but we’ve hit the ground running despite trying circumstances and there’s the glimmer of hope that with Pressley in command we may even be able to reach the play-offs as an outside bet. Well done Mr Pressley.

We Cannot Defend

For all the positives there has been that one great negative (in terms of the football) we have conceded an awful lot of goals. Despite dominating for large spells during our matches this season we have only won once by a margin greater than 1. Perhaps a sample size of 6 games isn’t enough to draw from but we have conceded a lot of goals cheaply and without the opposition achieving long spells of domination themselves. Some are putting this down to bad luck, deflections and poor refereeing decisions, but home many times can something happen unluckily before it emerges as a trend? Hopefully the Carlisle match is a better indication of our defensive strength and the back four will improve with greater playing time together but thus far there is little confidence amongst fans that even a 3 goal cushion is a guarantee of victory.

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