Embargo Lifted

Although the technicalities mean that we’re essentially still under a transfer embargo, the Football League are basically dictating how much we can spend on a certain amount of players, the announcement of the signing of former trialist Mathieu Manset came as a huge relief to many fans. The powerful centre-foward should be able to offer us a new dimension in attack but more simply takes the pressure off squad members to not only play well but to stay fit. Although not a goal-scorer I anticipate Manset’s role to be that of goal-provider in an attacking foil role. Having trained with the squad for much of pre-season it means that he won’t have such a difficult bedding in period and is also up to the required fitness levels in order to be involved straight away for Sunday’s match against Bristol City.

Despite there being no indication of the end of all this madness surrounding our club it does finally mean we get to talk about football that one bit more. It addtion to the signing of Manset it also appears that Pressley has been in talks with his former team-mate Andy Webster about signing for the club. A wizened centre-half in the mould of Pressley himself, Webster will provide much needed experience as well as depth to the squad. Whether he’ll be signed and fit for Sunday is hard to tell, but the Coventry Telegraph are suggesting that his signing is imminent although he’s had a summer without pre-season training so may need time. If he was though it would present Pressley with a difficult choice to make in regards to breaking up the two Jordans at the back. Dropping either could be seen as an insult to their abilities and could shatter their confidence, but with most players seemingly aware of the need to bring in bodies any squad rotation would most probably be seen as a welcome opportunity.

Despite signing these two it seems that we’ll need to get rid of the remaining 5 expendables in the ‘bomb squad’ in order to bring in any more. Based on reports in the local media as well as Waggott’s explanation of the technicalities of our ’embargo’ it seems that we simply won’t be allowed to bring in any more players without first selling. I think this has led to the spate of reports in the national media surrounding several key players being sold. Personally I think it’s down to naivety from outsiders looking in on the situation, that can be seen such as when the ‘liquidation’ was announced and many observers thought this was the end of the club. However from a more cynical point of view you could see it as an attempt by ACL to destabilise the club and adding to the sense of malaise amongst fans. That though seems unlikely to me and it’s also assuming that there’s nothing in these rumours. Personally the Leon Clarke to Swindon (you know the team that essentially sacked him and had to sell most of their squad from last season) rumour seems ridiculous, although given the unpredicatability of events at the club it wouldn’t be improbable.

For all of the uncertainty and all of the bad news it felt good to finally see that the club had signed a player. With the new season having started and now being able to sign players it almost feels like normality is returning to the club. That being said even after signing a player and two matches into the season it is still impossible to fully focus on the football. All of the parites involved in this mess of a situation have already taken away much of the joys of supporting a football club, at times you’ve needed a forensic accounting qualification to be able to talk about this football club. You can no longer have banter with other football fans anymore, once a rival fan sympathises for your situation then it’s impossible to really partake in that essential activity of football fandom. I’ve tried as much as possible to write about the football side of Coventry City but for the past 6 months or so it’s been nigh on impossible to even do that. Well done ACL, well done SISU you’ve both taken so much away from us already, let’s hope you’re childish squabble doesn’t take that final part away.

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