Sideways Sammy


So I’ve decided to follow a new direction with my blogging. The name ‘Sideways Pass’ in regards to Football League blogs seemed slightly anachronistic and the workload associated with covering the entire Football League was simply too much. I’ve devoted my new direction on the club I support, Coventry City, ideally I would like to cover as many aspects of the club as possible but I don’t want to find myself in a situation where I have too much to write too often.

The name ‘Sideways Sammy’ is a reference to a nickname of the former and much-maligned Coventry City captain Sammy Clingan. In Coventry’s relegation season from the Championship in 2011/12 his presence and approach to the game became the subject to the similar ‘boo-boy’ culture that claimed far too many scalps at the club. So with that in mind, the name ‘Sideways Sammy’ is used in jest to point out the fickle nature of football fandom and hopefully the alternative and informed viewpoint that I wish to pursue.

Finally the name ‘Sideways Sammy’ is a sly reference to former name of my blog ‘Sideways Pass’. The name was meant to point out the utter pointlessness of football blogging by amateur writers. Additionally it was about being able to appreciate the process of writing about football rather than any pursuing any grander ambitions. So hopefully the revamped ‘Sideways Sammy’ blog will continue in a similar vein.

My aim is to be more regular with my blogging without chaining myself to a computer and taking the fun out of writing. At the moment I have a decent amount of free time so I’ll probably start out pretty strong. I have a feeling though that events on and off the pitch at Coventry will dictate largely what and how often I shall be writing.

So here’s to a bit more success that previous incarnations of this blog, but more importantly I hope to have fun writing about the team that I support. And as the strapline at the top suggests second drafts are indeed extremely optional in this blog.

Image Comes From Coventry Telegraph, later edited with Paint.Net.

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