Wesley Jobello

Position: Winger

Age: 26 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 10(1) *

It was always going to be difficult to assess where to set the expectations with Wesley Jobello, having arrived over the summer as a relative unknown without any English league experience. Now that there’s been the chance to see him over a period of games, there is a better sense of what his strengths and limitations are. The kind of winger who stays wide, carries the ball and puts crosses into the box, Jobello has been consistent in what he’s been trying to do, although the end product to his game has been variable.

As part of a front three, there is probably a need for Jobello to deliver more goals and assists than he has done thus far. Perhaps if he looked to beat his full-back more often than he looks for the cross, he would be getting himself into better positions to create and score higher quality chances. Whether it’s a lack of skill or poor decision-making, Jobello makes himself very predictable. However, as an outlet for the team on the right side of the pitch – being also quite useful in the air – he serves a function in stretching the play, it’s just whether Jobello himself is doing quite enough with the ball to be an effective wide forward for a promotion-chasing League One side.

*As of 28/09/2019

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