Stuart Beavon

Position: Striker

Age: 34 *

At Club Since: January 2017

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 28(2) *

Handing Stuart Beavon, who was already demonstrating signs of ageing, a two-year contract last summer has to go down as a serious error in judgement from Mark Robins. While Beavon showed at times in the season prior that he could lead the line with his work-rate and surprising physicality and aerial strength for someone of his small stature, he simply was not that player for us last season.

While Beavon has a poor goalscoring record both for us and in his career overall, that could have been forgiven if he’d been the focal point in attack that Maxime Biamou eventually became for us. As it stands, it seems like the club will have to find the money to buy out Stuart Beavon’s contract and hopefully use that money better elsewhere in the side.

*As of 05/06/2017

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