Peter Vincenti

Position: Central Midfielder/Right-Midfielder/Attacking-Midfielder

Age: 31 *

At Club Since: Summer 2017

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 24(3) *

After a mixed start to life at Coventry City, it is clear that Peter Vincenti has his use as a player, but he’s yet to find a role in the side where he’s at his most useful. An ungainly player prone to sloppily giving possession away, Peter Vincenti’s primary attribute is his size and ability to win headers. He is capable of moments of quality with the ball at his feet, but mostly, Vincenti’s game is all about being physically awkward for opponents to deal with.

Since the introduction of Maxime Biamou to a regular starting role in the side, the need to have Peter Vincenti in the side as a target-man has declined and he’s been a regular on the bench over the past month or so. If you take Vincenti’s physicality aside when judging his game, his lack of dynamism isn’t what you’d want from a wide player. There are going to be games this season when Vincenti is going to be a real asset for us, and there’s certainly a debate to be had over whether we’ve made the best use of Vincenti’s attributes thus far. However, as a player who was recently a key performer in a decent League One side, we were perhaps expecting a little more from Vincenti than he’s shown thus far.

*As of 02/04/2018

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