Michael Rose

Position: Central Defender

Age: 23 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 7(0) *

Signed during the January transfer window, that Mark Robins was prepared to wait for his man in Michael Rose suggests that he is someone the club viewed as worth investing in regardless of the outcome of the league season. The former Ayr United man, Rose, arrives at Coventry City off the back of a season where he was named in the team of the year for his division and finished 4th with one of the lesser lights of the Scottish Championship. While little is yet known of Rose as a footballer, reports suggest that he is a strong centre-back and comfortable on the ball, which would see him fit in well with the change of style Mark Robins has looked to implement over the course of last season.

Just where Rose fits in is not quite clear, although he was clearly signed with a view to Jordan Willis’ departure from the club. It is hard to compare the Scottish second-tier with the English third-tier, with there being players from that level who have struggled in England and some of who have gone on to be huge successes. What is apparent is that the club have turned towards a division and a player off the radar of a lot of clubs at our level. As a young defender who has plenty of first-team football under his belt, Rose is relatively battle-hardened which could be important in a potential partnership with the more technical Dominic Hyam. Rose is likely to be competing against the younger centre-backs in the squad and any potential new signings at centre-back to play alongside Dominic Hyam, which makes it important from his perspective to have a strong pre-season.

*As of 07/09/2019

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