Michael Doyle

Position: Central Midfielder

Age: 36 *

At Club Since: July 2017

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 305(25) *

At times this season it has been hard to quantify exactly makes Michael Doyle such an important player for us. However, it’s been when he’s been out of the side – surprisingly rare occasions despite his age – that it’s been apparent just how important Michael Doyle is to us. An aggressive protector of the defence with a decent range of passing – albeit somewhat hit-and-miss – it’s not so much Doyle’s tactical function in the side, but what appears to be the character he adds to the side that makes him such a crucial component of the side.

While Liam Kelly offers many similar qualities to Doyle, Doyle has made himself the more important player because he asserts himself on the game regardless of his level of performance. It’s only been on rare occasions this season where Doyle’s force of personality has looked detrimental – i.e. calling out teammates for errors of his own making. At the moment, he is excelling playing alongside Tom Bayliss and showing that he can be as good with the ball as he is without it. Doyle’s leadership of the side has been crucial in turning round what looked to be a tailspin. How long Doyle will be able to play at this level remains to be seen, but the only concern at the moment is achieving promotion and the best chance we have of doing so is with Doyle in the side.

*As of 20/04/2018