Maxime Biamou

Position: Striker

Age: 27 *

At Club Since: Summer 2017

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 36(4) *

It was hard to tell whether the celebrations after Maxime Biamou’s first league goal for the club were of relief at a hard-working player finally breaking his duck, or of delight at a sensationally emphatic 25-yard net-buster, probably a combination of the two. For all that Biamou has brought to the team this season as the focal point in attack, there was always a nagging sense that no matter all the other things he brought to the side, having a non-goalscoring striker held the team back.

If Biamou can keep up a reasonable rate of goalscoring, that is a big missing element of this team this season that will have been resolved. Following the signing of Jonson Clarke-Harris, both Biamou and McNulty are under pressure now that there is a genuine alternative choice to challenge their place in the side. Biamou has come a long way from the player we first saw – someone who could barely challenge for headers, let alone play as the team’s main attacking focal point – there are few who can dispute that he doesn’t bring anything to the side, however, a striker’s position in the side is always going to be determined to an extent by their goalscoring ability, Biamou has to continue to improve.

*As of 20/04/2018