Matt Godden

Position: Striker

Age: 28 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 8(3) *

The striker signing that the club has been waiting on for much of the summer, Matt Godden arrives as a slightly different profile of player than the club has been after in recent years. At the age of 28 and having never played higher than League One level, Godden is unlikely to represent much sell-on value in a year or two’s time. Instead, Godden is a player who has been signed to make an impact for the here and now, primarily addressing the lack of a reliable goalscoring striker within the ranks but also adding a level of experience to what is one of the youngest squads in the division. Those two qualities could prove helpful in providing the other, younger, players in the squad the platform to maximise their potentials.

There won’t have been too many strikers available to Mark Robins this summer coming off the back of a double-figure season in the division. While Godden is a player that Peterborough United were fairly happy to let go, that was down to not being able to guarantee regular minutes rather than a lack of quality on Godden’s part. As far as how he fits in here, the main doubt against him is whether he is the kind of striker who can thrive as a lone forward in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 system. Although he is reported to be a hard-worker out of possession and a reasonable competitor in the air, he has been signed for his penalty area presence and we have to ensure that there is a creative supply-line for him to feast on. Whether Godden is the feted 20-goal a season striker all football fans are desperate for remains to be seen, at the very least he adds another attacking option to our arsenal and some different questions to pose the opposition.

*As of 17/09/2019

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