Marko Maroši

Position: Goalkeeper

Age: 26 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 34(0) *

It is always tough for a goalkeeper to come into a new team. Goalkeeping isn’t just about saving shots, it’s developing an understanding and trust with the defence in front of you, which takes time to develop. Fortunately, for Marko Maroši, coming into a team that has conceded relatively few chances over the first half of his first season at the club, he has been able to develop that relationship with his defence and grow in confidence without facing the pressure of the criticism that comes when goalkeepers make mistakes.

As part of one of the stronger defensive units in the division, Maroši deserves a share of the credit, even if he hasn’t been making big saves week-in, week-out. Over the course of the campaign, Maroši has shown he is a capable shot-stopper when called upon, his greatest attributed for this side has been his confidence with the ball at his feet. Although there have been times where he has been a little over-confident and made poor decisions to pass to team-mates under pressure, what has been most impressive about Maroši is how little his confidence is dented by the occasional error. If there is one area for improvement with Maroši, it would be greater positivity and ability in claiming crosses, although part of that understanding he has developed with his defence seems to be based on him staying on his line and letting his team-mates deal with balls into the box.

*As of 08/03/2020

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