Marko Maroši

Position: Goalkeeper

Age: 26 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 17(0) *

Perhaps goalkeepers require a longer period to assess, however, it feels like after his first ten appearances that we are yet to get a proper sense of what Marko Marosi is all about. As we have tended to keep opposition chances, particularly shots on target, to a minimum, it has been hard to assess how good Marosi is at what is usually considered to be the most important elements of being a goalkeeper – saving shots. Instead, Marosi’s performances have mainly been about his distribution with the ball at his feet as we look to build from the back.

In the main, Marosi’s composure and accuracy with his kicking has been impressive. While there have been a few notable lapses that have contributed to goals and chances conceded, Marosi’s ability to not let those moments affect his confidence levels has been commendable. The most apparent weakness in Marosi’s game is his command of the penalty area from crosses and set-pieces. In addition to a few flaps at crosses, his general tendency to stay on his line puts the burden on the defenders in front of him to dominate from crosses, which isn’t always possible. However, as we have generally defended well as a unit this season, Marosi deserves a share of the credit for that, which is particularly impressive as he is still settling into a new club.

*As of 16/11/2019

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