Luke Thomas

Position: Right-Winger

Age: 20 *

At Club Since: Summer 2018 (On Loan From Derby County)

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 36(3) *

One of our best players this season, Luke Thomas has also epitomised our greatest problem as a team – a lack of end product. A winger who combines skill and pace with an industrious work-rate, Thomas’ running down the right flank and behind his opposing full-back has been a key feature of our play this season. The problem though has been what Thomas has done after he’s got into dangerous position, often making the wrong decision over whether to shoot or release a team-mate, or even in making the right decision, executing it poorly.

As a young player in his first spell as a regular first-team player, this is an important learning experience for Luke Thomas. Very few players arrive onto the first-team picture fully-formed and capable of making the right decisions all of the time. A lot of it comes down to confidence, believing that the decision you make is the right one – whether or not it is – than it is about making objectively good decisions. What we have seen from Thomas is an ability to keep beating his full-back, keep running and keep getting into dangerous positions, and not letting the poor decisions play on his mind. He clearly has the potential to be a very effective winger or inside forward, from our perspective, the question is whether his end product improves enough between now and before he returns to Derby County to take us to the next level as a side.

*As of 24/03/2019

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