Luke Thomas

Position: Right-Winger

Age: 19 *

At Club Since: Summer 2018 (On Loan From Derby County)

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 15(1) *

When Luke Thomas first signed for the club, it looked mystifying as to why Mark Robins was loading the squad up with yet another forward option. However, it’s transpired that Thomas offers the side something different from our other forward players – with the exception of the still-recovering Jodi Jones – in that he is an out-and-out wide player who offers pace and trickery. Having such an option in the side provides us with a level of variation and dynamism in our attacking play, meaning we don’t have to force things through down the middle so often. While Thomas is yet to make a tangible impact in terms of goals and assists, he plays a useful role in the side.

As a young player getting his first taste of first-team football, some of the poor decision-making that Luke Thomas has been guilty of is understandable. His most notable trait is his refusal to use his right foot for anything other than standing on, which has seen him spurn several instances where he could have taken a shot or passed to a team-mate. Nonetheless, the hope is that once Thomas gets used to first-team football and builds some confidence, that his decision-making will improve. It remains to be seen whether we’ll see the player Thomas might develop into during this loan spell, but as a winger in the side while we wait for Jodi Jones to recover from injury, he’s done a decent job.

*As of 03/11/2018

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