Liam Walsh

Position: Central Midfielder

Age: 22 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019 (On Loan From Bristol City

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 26(3) *

Liam Walsh has made quite the impact since arriving at the club as a last-minute loan signing at the end of the summer transfer window as injury cover for Liam Kelly and Jamie Allen. A player who has benefited immensely from playing regular first-team football for just about the first time in his career, Walsh has rapidly progressed from looking like a talented player who could be bullied when put under pressure to a consistently dominant player who can shoulder the responsibility of the game being run through him.

Liam Walsh has just about everything you would want from a central midfielder – a great passer who uses the ball well, can carry the ball forward, a smart reader of the game and strong in the tackle when he wants to be. Initially handed the anchor role in midfield, Walsh’s attacking instincts occasionally left the team exposed. Since being paired with Liam Kelly in order to take away some of those defensive responsibilities, Walsh has shown that he can continue to run the game from a deep-lying position but can really excel when playing quick one-twos with the advanced midfielders to speed up the tempo of our attacks when he senses the need to. In 25 appearances thus far Walsh has shown he is a class act and fully capable of playing at a high standard in the Championship next season. Walsh is one of those ‘enjoy him while he’s here’ kind of players you get every season or so.

*As of 08/03/2020

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