Liam Walsh

Position: Central Midfielder

Age: 22 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019 (On Loan From Bristol City

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 17(2) *

Brought in on loan late in the summer transfer window due to Jamie Allen’s injury status, Liam Walsh has looked much more than a player filling a gap in the squad. A ball-playing midfielder who can run games from deep with his range of passing, Walsh has shown signs of being capable of influencing games further up the pitch. Although he can contribute defensively, his lack of stature and inability at times to sense danger has cost the team goals when he has played as the team’s deepest midfielder.

The question is whether Walsh’s current defensive lapses are a result of his relative lack of first-team experience or not being suited to a defensive role. Mark Robins appears to have been reticent thus far to pair Walsh in midfield with Liam Kelly, who would take that defensive burden off him, despite it seeming to be worth exploring given that some of Walsh’s best moments thus far have been when he’s broken further forward. Having been one of better performers this season, his status as a loan player will lead to some tension in January as to whether Walsh will stay, with Jamie Allen getting back to fitness, there is going to be an incredibly strong competition for places in midfield if he does.

*As of 18/01/2020

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