Liam O’Brien

Position: Goalkeeper

Age: 26 *

At Club Since: Summer 2017

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 11(0) *

Liam O’Brien, with fewer than 100 career league appearances to his name, had all the hallmarks of being a back-up goalkeeper signing, which is exactly the role he has played for the club. On the occasions that O’Brien has stepped up to the starting line-up, he has looked competent, with his vocality seeming to be one of his key attributes. However, O’Brien also dropped a few clangers when he had his best chance to establish himself as number one, right at the start of last season, and hasn’t really had another opportunity to make another run for that jersey.

With one year left on his contract, O’Brien is likely to continue as Lee Burge’s back-up, unless an injury or serious drop in form from Burge opens the door for O’Brien. While the assumption is that someone who was only good enough to be back-up in League Two may not be a great option in League One, football doesn’t work that way and we should be reasonably confident with O’Brien coming in for the odd game. He’s unlikely to stay beyond next year, but who knows what might happen if he gets another opportunity to establish himself in the side.

*As of 21/08/2018

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