Lee Burge

Position: Goalkeeper

Age: 25 *

At Club Since: N/A (Academy Graduate)

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 97(0) *

After a solid start to the season, having comfortably ousted Liam O’Brien from the starting spot in goal, Coventry City fans were in danger of having trust in Lee Burge, then he dropped that shot against Forest Green. As someone who has been a fan of his since he helped keep us in League One when Tony Mowbray first came in, I could only grimace as it happened, knowing that this would be the final straw for many.

Fortunately for Burge, the fans don’t pick the team and most of our managers over the past few years have been convinced enough to trust him as first choice. He is clearly a confidence player, but as he has gained experience in the side, he has improved and the errors have become fewer and further between. He’s a reliable shot-stopper, he’s usually incredibly calm and confident when coming for crosses, and his kicking has improved markedly over the past year (although he’s still capable of shanking one out when under pressure). Aside from that error against Forest Green, Burge has been incredibly reliable not just since the start of the season, but since Mark Robins returned as manager. He’s never going to get the credit he deserves, but in Burge we have a reliable goalkeeper who can still improve.

* As of 20/04/2018

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