Lee Burge

Position: Goalkeeper

Age: 26 *

At Club Since: N/A (Academy Graduate)

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 136(0) *

It had looked impossible for much of the past three or four seasons that Lee Burge would gain the trust of the majority of Coventry City fans, but this season had been the first sustained period where Burge has been recognised for the solid presence in goal that he has largely been since breaking into the first-team. From the words ‘Leeeeee Buuuuuurge’ echoing from the stands after every save, to his contract expiring the end of the season raising concern that we could soon be losing him, Lee Burge is in unprecedented territory compared to his previous Coventry City career. The errors may have reduced in frequency, but Lee Burge’s current status among Sky Blues fans is long overdue.

Since Mark Robins’ return to the club, Lee Burge seems to have benefited from being trusted almost unconditionally by the manager. There have been some big saves in key moments, but this past two years for Burge has been about maintaining a level of reliability in goal. Burge is a great shot-stopper as well as being a generally confident and proactive presence in claiming crosses into the penalty area, his biggest weakness is his kicking – especially under pressure – but it is not only something relatively unimportant for a League One goalkeeper but has gradually improved. Given the long and torturous process that led to Lee Burge becoming the number one goalkeeper and developing into such an important player, it would be a huge loss were to lose him this summer, especially if it was on a free transfer.

* As of 19/04/2019

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