Lee Burge

Position: Goalkeeper

Age: 25 *

At Club Since: N/A (Academy Graduate)

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 117(0) *

To think that the nervous youngster who got himself sent-off in one of his first few appearances for the club against Worcester City would reach 100 league games for the club speaks volumes for Burge’s mental tenacity to consistently recover from high-profile errors. That one moment in a young career though feels like it has tarnished Burge’s to a large section of the Coventry City fanbase, which even a season as part of one of the sternest defences in a division hasn’t been able to counter-act. The debate surrounding whether Lee Burge is a worthy and reliable number one goalkeeper for Coventry City seems like it will only end on the day he departs the club, regardless of what he does or achieves during that period.

While Burge has consistently been unfairly singled out for criticism during his Coventry City career, not even his staunchest defenders would say that he’s without fault. He no longer has the excuse of being an inexperienced goalkeeper – both in terms of age and appearances made – yet, he still is capable of the odd mistake. Just when he was starting to win over his naysayers with a strong start to the season, that error against Forest Green took him back to square one, and there have been a handful of further gaffes which have further dissipated any  his attempts to win doubters over. It is unfair slightly to focus on his errors when he has saved the team in some big games over the past couple of years, but it is probably fair to question why he hasn’t been able to stamp out the mistakes after his experiences in the side.

* As of 08/12/2018

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