Kyle McFadzean

Position: Centre-Back

Age: 32 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 21(0) *

Kyle McFadzean was brought in over the summer to be the leadership figure at the back to organise and spread calmness, while also aiding Mark Robins’ attempt to make us a passing, possession-based side. It has been a rocky start for McFadzean, who has made a constant slew of errors both with and without the ball, seeming to engender panic rather than the expected placidness he was supposed to provide.

Whether McFadzean’s struggles thus far have been down to a natural decline that occurs in players over 30 or the way the team has been set-up to play, he has never looked far away from making another mistake. The main thing he has added to the side is an aerial presence from set-piece situations – we haven’t conceded from a set-piece while he’s played for us, and have looked a threat attacking them. Overall though, it looks like the team would be better off with a pair of more mobile, calmer, and more accurate passers in central defence than the slower, aggressive and forceful figure that McFadzean is.

*As of 18/01/2020

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