Kyle McFadzean

Position: Centre-Back

Age: 33 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 30(0) *

Having been seen as the key defensive signing over the summer to inject a presence and leadership at the back, Kyle McFadzean’s early performances were indicative of a player in decline. Blundering around and making a slew of errors that come from a player having lost a step or two of pace, McFadzean was costing the team goals almost every other game. The turning point in his Coventry City career was his introduction at half-time in the game against Fleetwood Town in October. After a limp and lifeless first-half performance, the extra physical presence McFadzean provided at the back turned the tide of the game, resulting in a 1-0 deficit becoming a 2-1 victory.

While the sloppy errors aren’t quite a thing of the past, as part of a back three with more mobile centre-backs either side of him, McFadzean’s aggressiveness and battling qualities have become a key feature of our defensive unit. It has solved a conundrum that had presented itself earlier in the season, where McFadzean lacked mobility, Dominic Hyam and Michael Rose weren’t dominant enough, and our full-backs too attack-minded for a back four to function. Longer-term, the hope is surely that Hyam and Rose develop enough not to require the security blanket that McFadzean provides. For the time being, he has eventually proven to be the player we had hoped he’d be when he signed in the summer.

*As of 08/03/2020

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