Junior Brown

Position: Left Full-Back/Winger

Age: 29 *

At Club Since: Summer 2018

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 22(0) *

Billed as ‘the best left-back in League One’ upon his arrival, the signing of Junior Brown looked to be a statement of ambition that we were looking to get out of this division quickly. Come the opening day of the season, Brown’s place in the side had already been usurped by the inexperienced Brandon Mason, when Brown did finally come into the side, it was hard to see how he could ever have been seen as one of the best in his position in the third-tier.

Error-prone and rash in the tackle, Brown has consistently made high-profile errors that have either cost the team goals or come close to. However, as he has settled into the side, the errors have reduced and we have started to see more positive sides to his game. Preternaturally good in the air for a player of his height, energetic and intelligent in making forward runs, part of his initial struggles in the side could well be put down to a player getting up to speed following a long-term injury. At the time of writing, Junior Brown’s performances are on an upward trend following that difficult start and it’s starting to get hard to see him losing his place in the side anytime soon. He is someone who, even at his best, is never too far away from committing cardinal errors but he is starting to become a more reliable part of the side.

*As of 31/03/2019

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