Junior Brown

Position: Left Full-Back/Winger

Age: 31 *

At Club Since: Summer 2018

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 22(0) *

Having been billed as the best left-back in the division by his former team-mate at Shrewsbury Town, Jon Nolan, upon his arrival at he club, that Junior Brown has ended his first season at Coventry City as second, possibly even third, choice left-back suggests is something of a disappointment. Although Brown has shown at times that he can be a reasonably solid and calm presence at left-back, that is undermined by a stream of rash decisions that have littered his performances. He plays very much like a player that hasn’t been a left-back for much of his career, which is what he is.

Although Brown could have a role to play in the squad going forward, it appears that Mark Robins is ready to move him on. Having been one of the experienced signings that were going to carry us forward from League Two, that Brown’s Coventry City career appears set to end in a rather ignominious fashion is partially down to his underwhelming performances but also partially down to the recruitment work that went into signing a player recovering from a long-term injury and wasn’t a natural in the position we signed him to play.

*As of 01/07/2019

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