Jordy Hiwula

Position: Striker/Winger

Age: 24 *

At Club Since: Summer 2018

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 32(8) *

Jordy Hiwula is a player who fits firmly into the category of ‘are they a good player that often does bad things, or are they a bad player that sometimes does good things’. The forward arrived at the club as someone with a track record of getting into double figures for goals at League One level and may, just about, be on track to continue that this season. However, while Hiwula has provided some excellent moments this season with his searing turn of pace and pieces of skill, his season has also been characterised by anonymous performances or those side-foot attempted finishes that lack any conviction. There’s a sense that Hiwula has more to offer, but also that he is a thoroughly League One player prone to inconsistency and unlikely to kick on from his current level.

In Hiwula’s defence, he’s often been shoehorned into the side out wide, thus limiting his opportunities to get into the penalty area and increase his goal tally. Nonetheless, Hiwula has been pretty effective at times from a wide position, capable of beating defenders for pace and skill, driving the team forward into dangerous positions. As an out-and-out centre-forward, Hiwula’s lack of conviction in his finishing is more in the spotlight, especially as he’s not a particularly effective link player in that position either. Hiwula is a player with his uses, but it doesn’t feel as if he has the determination to become a key match-winning player. Hiwula’s effectiveness is often going to depend on how those around him play rather than his own individual moments of quality. There’s always a chance that something may click for Hiwula and he develops into a more consistent performer, right now, he’s a mid-table League One striker playing for a mid-table League One side.

*As of 24/03/2019

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