Jordy Hiwula

Position: Striker/Winger

Age: 25 *

At Club Since: Summer 2018

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 53(14) *

Jordy Hiwula is one of those players who you want to keep on the pitch, regardless of their level of performance, as they have a habit of providing key moments out of almost nowhere. Even though he should be on possibly double the number of goals who has scored for us thus far, Hiwula has been one of the most reliable contributors to the attack since his arrival at the club. With killer pace and capable of some moments of great skill, what seems to be holding Hiwula back from playing at a higher level is composure and consistency.

Hiwula can be an incredibly frustrating player, capable of beating defenders with ease but equally capable of failing to trap the ball from a throw-in. Just how to coax the best moments out of Hiwula on a more consistent basis feels like something of an enigma, even though he is still relatively young. In this team right now, Hiwula’s inconsistencies are worth persevering with but it can be frustrating to see someone capable of brilliance seem to lack the internal drive to be the very best player he can be.

*As of 24/10/2019

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