Jordan Willis

Position: Centre-Back/Right-Back

Age: 23*

At Club Since: N/A (Academy Graduate)

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 140(3) *

Strangely enough for Jordan Willis, the last 25 or so games he’s played for us have done more to demonstrate what he’s capable of than the 100 that preceded it. Willis has struggled with injuries during the early part of his career, and has also alternated between centre-back and right-back slightly too often. All of which meant that Willis had very rarely had a settled run in the side, until this season. Having played more or less every game this season at centre-back, he has shown he can be a very reliable and dependable performer – arguably among our best this season.

While hardly the most dominant defender in the air, Jordan Willis’ mobility is a major asset for a side this season playing against teams looking to counter-attack on us. However, it hasn’t been a series of lung-busting goal-saving tackles that have defined Willis’ season, it’s been how often he’s been able to quietly snuff out danger in a less dramatic manner. His ability to play out from the back has been his biggest criticism this season, but it’s one that is slightly overstated. Jordan Willis is here to defend, and he’s generally done it very well this season.

* As of 28/04/2018

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