Gervane Kastaneer

Position: Wide Forward

Age: 23 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 10(1) *

Will the real Gervane Kastaneer please identify themselves? Are you the player who scored that wonderful powerful goal against Bristol Rovers back in August? Are the player who got themselves recklessly sent off against Portsmouth a few days later? Or are you the player that has struggled to impose themself in the EFL Trophy? Kastaneer has been an enigma since arriving at the club in the summer, a powerful, skilful and direct attacker at his very best but with a reckless streak that has made him close to a liability when he is not on the ball. Half-way into his first season at the club, the question is whether he has the talent to make himself worth persevering with.

If there is one word to describe Gervane Kastaneer, it would be ‘selfish’. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for an attacking player to have. Some of our best attacking players in recent years – Bright Enobakhare, Duckens Nazon, David McGoldrick – could also be described as selfish. Having that charisma, that undying self-belief, to believe that you are the man to win a game on your own can be the difference between trying that nigh-on impossible shot or passing to your team-mate and attacks petering out. In a side with a lot of nice, technical players with a good team ethic, someone in the final third who can be more direct could provide the all-important gear change that this team often lacks. However, when Kastaneer is so undisciplined without the ball, he really needs to have made a bigger contribution in terms of goals and assists to demonstrate that he is a risk worth taking. Currently, he is a player that the manager doesn’t appear to trust and could be set to leave early into a three-year contract unless a dramatic upturn in form happens soon.

*As of 15/12/2019

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