Fankaty Dabo

Position: Right-Back

Age: 24 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 17(0) *

Having lost an attacking right-back over the summer in Dujon Sterling, he has been replaced by another in Fankaty Dabo. Already, Dabo has had his fair shares of highs and lows in a Coventry City shirt, constantly providing energy and skill getting forward but tending to lack awareness in his positional play. At his best, Dabo gives the team an extra impetus down the right side of the pitch, with genuine quality in his control of the ball and final product. At his worst, Dabo can be the weak point in our backline.

Generally, Dabo is one of the more entertaining players to watch in this side, although being entertaining tends not to be something you assess a defender on. He is clearly someone with a strong technical grounding from being coached at a higher-level, generally having an excellent first touch, intelligent in spotting when to overlap or underlap in his forward runs and picking his final pass or cross with a level of composure. Defensively, it is his positioning rather than one-on-one defending that is the issue – perhaps the result of having played more often as a wing-back rather than full-back – which is where he needs to improve upon most.

*As of 07/12/2019

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