Fankaty Dabo

Position: Right-Back

Age: 25 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 41(0) *

Fankaty Dabo improved immeasurably over the course of last season. He began the campaign looking suspect defensively while offering little going forward, he then developed into an attacking force from right-back and then gradually added the positional awareness and grit that helped solidify our defensive unit towards the end of the campaign. A bundle of energy down the right-hand side of the pitch, Fankaty Dabo is not only an entertaining player to watch but made himself a reliable outlet for the team when moving the ball from defence into attack.

Dabo’s best qualities as a full/wing-back are most certainly in going forward. However, he doesn’t just relentlessly bomb forward with abandon, there is an intelligence to the timing of his forward runs and his ability to go outside or inside opposing defenders depending on what the situation calls for. Furthermore, there is a poise to his usage of the ball, Dabo’s crossing is often very accurate and well-weighted but his link play and ability to retain possession mark him out as a player who is first and foremost a good footballer which makes his energy and pace so effective.

Heading into next season in the Championship, Dabo is someone few have many doubts over whether they can make the step up. While the defensive side of his game is going to be put into greater focus against a better quality of opposition attacker, Dabo’s stamina and ability to improve should see him continue the trajectory his career is following. To put it another way, had the team not been promoted last season, Dabo would have earned the right to play in the Championship regardless.

*As of 01/12/2020

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