Fankaty Dabo

Position: Right-Back

Age: 24 *

At Club Since: Summer 2019

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 32(0) *

After some early wobbles, Fankaty Dabo has quickly set about making himself an important part of the team and consistently a fun player to watch due to his high-energy, all-action, enterprising style of play. Very much a modern kind of full-back, more comfortable going forward than defensively, since the switch to a system with wing-backs, the reduction of defensive responsibilities has allowed Dabo to flourish. Increasingly, Dabo is looking like one of the players in this squad capable of playing at a higher-level.

Someone who has an excellent and reliable technique when controlling and dribbling with the football, that skill combined with his energy has made him a key ball-carrier for the side. Although he hasn’t had many assists to his name, Dabo’s role in the side has been to progress the ball from our own half towards the final third, stretching the opposition and creating space for others to create and score. While Dabo can be a committed player in the tackle, his positional play and tendency to become erratic when the team is put under concerted pressure is the biggest deficiency in his game. However, his importance to the side when he’s on the ball and driving at the opposition more than makes up for some hairy moments defensively.

*As of 08/03/2020

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