Dujon Sterling

Position: Right-Back

Age: 19 *

At Club Since: Summer 2018 (On Loan From Chelsea)

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 31(0) *

It’s difficult to even picture it now, but Dujon Sterling was a liability for us in his first few appearances. It took a calamitous performance away at Bristol Rovers where he was at fault for three goals for Sterling to turn a corner, and since then, he has been effortlessly brilliant. Most notably, he’s such a smooth and elegant carrier of the ball, always in control of what he’s doing and capable of placing crosses exactly on their target no matter how closely he is being marked by opponents. Defensively, Sterling has improved immensely over the course of the season, with his positioning and balance so strong that he often snuffs out attacks in his area of the pitch before they manifest themselves. All-round, he’s clearly far too good for League One football and we’ve been lucky to have him.

Of course, the downside to loaning in a talented young player set for great things is that they’re only there for the season. When you get lucky with loan signings like Dujon Sterling, it’s almost imperative that you milk their talent for everything that it’s worth. With there being little danger of ourselves making the play-offs this season, we are going to be back to square one at right-back next season – especially as signing Sterling has held back an established and contracted player at right-back in Jack Grimmer, who seems likely to leave as well in the summer. For Sterling, this season has been a positive experience in learning what it takes to excel in senior football. Amazingly, Sterling is only the second-best young right-back – after Reece James, on loan at Wigan this season – on Chelsea’s books.

*As of 24/03/2019

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