Conor Chaplin

Position: Striker

Age: 22 *

At Club Since: Summer 2018

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 30(8) *

Having been the big summer transfer target last year and looking a useful addition in his first few appearances, Conor Chaplin has struggled to live up to his billing. Although eight goals in his first season at the club was a decent return, his first year is better remembered for the chances he missed rather than the ones he put away. Ahead of a campaign where he is unlikely to be afforded the patience by Mark Robins that he benefited from in his first year at the club, Chaplin is going to have to make more of a tangible impact on games than he has done thus far.

In Chaplin’s defence, he has largely been utilised in a withdrawn position that hasn’t played to his strengths. A nippy forward with reasonable technique, the key to Chaplin getting the goals expected of him is in ensuring he receives the ball in better positions rather than forcing him to do work outside of the box. He showed in his first few appearances for the club that he can be a dangerous player around the penalty area, with greater confidence and better management he deliver on that initial potential he showed for us.

* As of 01/07/2019

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