Chris Stokes

Position: Left Full-Back/Centre-Back

Age: 27 *

At Club Since: February 2014

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 86(3) *

Chris Stokes was probably lucky heading into this season that Ryan Haynes picked up a fairly long-lasting injury during pre-season. There have been quite a few fairly ropey displays this season where he’s looked slightly off-the-pace and looked to be a targetable weak-spot in the defence. Fortunately for Stokes, Haynes hasn’t been able to string together a run of form since returning from injury, which has left the door open for someone to nail down the left-back spot.

At his best for us two seasons ago, Stokes was hardly the most dynamic of full-backs but could be relied upon not to be a weak spot in a side challenging for promotion in League One. Weirdly, despite him not having been brilliant in a League Two side, Stokes hasn’t looked too far below the level he managed at his peak for us – just one or two steps off-the-pace. Whether the long-term injury that saw him miss most of last season still lingers in the back of his mind is affecting his performances is a question only he can answer. If he can up his game just 5 or 10%, we know we’ve got a really dependable left-back to call upon.

* As of 07/04/2018

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