Callum O’Hare

Position: Attacking Midfielder

Age: 25 *

At Club Since: Summer 2020

Total Club League Appearances (Goals) 131(12) *

For a player who has not only been so important to the team over the past few seasons but has barely missed a game, Callum O’Hare’s absence over the first few months of this campaign was always going to be felt. While he can be someone who brings as much frustration as delight, even his biggest detractors couldn’t have failed to note that Coventry City are a weaker team without him. O’Hare may still be de-rusting following his prolonged absence, but his return in recent weeks has not only provided Mark Robins with a much-needed additional attacking option but has made the Sky Blues are more exciting team to watch.

The primary improvement to the team that has been notable since Callum O’Hare’s return to selection consideration has been how much more energetic and purposeful the Sky Blues now look. The focus on O’Hare has so often been on his end product that his general impact on the nature in which Coventry City play had been taken for granted. It is not just that Callum O’Hare is incredibly energetic in the press, but that he does in a tactically-intelligent manner that adds a pest factor to this team. While O’Hare’s use of the ball has been off-kilter since coming back into the team, that ability to get both himself and the team into dangerous positions is the threat that he has added.

With Kasey Palmer added to the squad this season, Callum O’Hare has a likeminded spirit in his area of the pitch to bounce off. For the time being, being able to rotate between the two both between games and over the course of individual matches has worked quite well. Going forward, the excitement is seeing that relationship between O’Hare and Palmer develop. If the former Bristol City man can link-up with O’Hare, draw defenders away from him and create dangerous turnovers of possession, that could well be key to unlocking the main missing element to Callum O’Hare’s game, final product.

*As of 26/12/2022

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