Bright Enobakhare

Position: Attacking-Midfielder/Winger

Age: 21 *

At Club Since: January 2019 (On Loan From Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 10(4) *

Brought in as a winger, it quickly became apparent that Bright Enobakhare is much more suited to an attacking central role than out wide. An incredibly skilful player with a low centre of gravity and excellent control of the ball, Enobakhare’s greatest strength and drawback as a footballer is his refusal to do the simple thing. That tendency to take an extra touch, attempt an extra piece of skill makes him unpredictable for opponents, but also to his team-mates, who at times appear unsure of what runs to make when he’s in possession. As frustrating as he can be at times, Enobakhare’s return of four goals from his first ten appearances underlines that he is a player worth accepting for who he is. He has provided us with that extra attacking spark that was a missing piece of the puzzle in the first half of the campaign.

Just how good he can be longer-term will depend on his ability to learn to make quicker decisions on the ball. Enobakhare is a player who clearly likes to improvise both with and without the ball, from holding onto the ball for an extra touch in the penalty area to dropping deep to receive the ball out of defence, he is someone who wants to be constantly involved, even if he doesn’t appear to have a strong impression of what exactly he wants to do. With Tom Bayliss in the side a player who can carry the ball through the centre of the pitch, Enobakhare doesn’t need to drop deep, especially as it can leave Amadou Bakayoko in attack fairly isolated. Enobakhare is with us to refine the sharp edges from his game, which he looks to be doing, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising were he to remain here next season – possibly even permanently due to his contract situation.

*As of 16/03/2019

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