Brandon Mason

Position: Left-Back

Age: 21 *

At Club Since: Summer 2018

Total Club League Appearances (Goals): 18(0) *

Brought in as back-up to Junior Brown over the summer, it was apparent from early as pre-season that Brandon Mason was the more talented of the two left-backs. That it’s taken a while for Mason to have a concerted run in the starting XI has largely been the result of an injury early in the season that allowed Junior Brown to have a run in the side, but we have seen over the past month that Mason is a calmer, more technically adroit presence at left-back even if he still is learning how to handle the physical side of defending that comes with being a defender in the lower leagues of below average height.

Brandon Mason is first and foremost a good, well-rounded footballer. He’s calm on the ball, has the balance to ride challenges and is generally averse to making errors. As a left-back, he supports attacks with confidence, is strong in the tackle and is becoming better at standing up to being targeted aerially by opponents. Having seemingly established himself as first-choice – although he appears to still be suffering from niggling injuries preventing him from completing 90 minutes – Mason needs to be looking to develop confidence as a player who can positively impact games. He already has one assist to his name – for Jonson Clarke-Harris at Gillingham – but has appeared at times reticent to put crosses in when in good position or has passed to teammates when he’s had the opportunity to take on opposing players. As someone who has had little prior first-team experience, it’s been a solid start to life at Coventry City for Brandon Mason.

*As of 16/03/2019

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